Ohio Municipal Clerks Association


The Ohio Municipal Clerks Association advances the municipal clerk profession through education, networking and member benefits, which establishes clerks as experts in their field and leaders in the communities they serve.


Dear Clerks,

Clerks throughout the State of Ohio have joined the Ohio Municipal Clerks Association (OMCA) and enjoy the benefits and learning opportunities that help make them better Municipal Clerks, Fiscal Officers, Deputy Clerks and Clerk Treasurers for their communities.  If you have not joined OMCA, what’s stopping you!   OMCA has a great base of knowledgeable Clerks from all over the State of Ohio no matter how big or small of a community you represent. 

Being a member of OMCA is not just an organization you pay dues to and forget about.  We encourage members to participate in our committees, join our board, and be more than colleagues.  We enjoy the times we can get together and discuss common issues, mentor new clerks, and learn from each other.  OMCA serves as a support system for clerks in municipalities throughout the State of Ohio and provides them the opportunity to network with each other. 

  • OMCA holds one-day seminars throughout the State and has a four-day institute in July, coordinated by our Institute Directors at Kent State University.  Attendance at these programs offers Ohio clerks additional education, problem-solving techniques and shared experiences – all tools through which clerks expand their professional capabilities to bring back home with them.
  • OMCA will find newly elected or appointed clerks or clerk/treasurers a mentor that will help them gain the knowledge, courage and heart needed to be the best. 
  • OMCA website at omca.us is where you’ll find more information, valuable tools and resources.  There are tools available to members only and include our email tool that allows access to all OMCA members across Ohio. 

I challenge and encourage each Municipal Clerk, Fiscal Officer, Deputy Clerk and Clerk-Treasurer to join our organization by completing an application today.  For those of you who are new to the profession or for those that for whatever reason haven’t joined OMCA in the past, NOW is the time to complete the attached application and start this journey with fellow clerks.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any of the OMCA board members.


Kathleen M. King, MMC -OMCA President