Mayors Association of Ohio

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About the Association


The purposes of this organization shall be the improvement of municipal government and administration and the promotion of the general welfare of the cities and villages of this State by appropriate means, including but not limited to the following:

(a) Cooperation with The Ohio Municipal League in the maintenance of a central bureau of information and research for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information concerning municipal government;

(b) The fostering of conferences, meetings, schools and short courses for the discussion and study of municipal problems and the techniques involved in their solution; to provide an opportunity for mayors to meet as a separate group for the discussion of the special problems, responsibilities and experiences of the mayors as a special class of officers and as heads of cities and villages of the state; the rendering of such special and general services as may be deemed advisable; the publication and circulation of such bulletins and reports on municipal government as may be compiled from time to time; and

(c) The securing of harmony of action among the municipalities of Ohio and other agencies of government in all matters which affect the citizens of Ohio creating the awareness of all levels of government of the problems of municipal government in Ohio by presenting the facts and experiences upon which to formulate sound municipal policies.

Bylaws of the Association

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2017 Annual Conference: June 14 - 16 Embassy Suites, Dublin


Dear Mayor:

I would like to extend to you a personal invitation to join the Mayors Association of Ohio. The dues schedule is $40.00 for villages and $80.00 for cities. There has been no increase over last year’s prices. Officers are selected from the ranks of the Executive Committee on an annual basis. City and village mayors alternate as officers to the extent possible. Executive Committee members serve 2 year terms and there are an equal number of city and village mayors represented. This plan assures that neither large nor small municipalities dominate the organization.

The Mayors Association of Ohio holds an annual conference each year. Membership will provide you with the distinct advantage of meeting fellow mayors in a friendly atmosphere where exchanges of ideas and solutions to problems are shared. The Mayors Association of Ohio is a cooperating association of the OML, website information may be found by going to (Choose Affiliates on top bar, then choose Mayors Association of Ohio).

Please find the membership application enclosed. I look forward to having you join the association and I think you will find it an invaluable resource.




Kent M. Scarrett

Executive Director

The Ohio Municipal League

Membership Form