Posted on: July 26, 2017

Supreme Court Rules Home Rule Violations Sb 342 Red Light Camera Bill

Today, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in a 5-2 decision that portions of SB 342, the Red Light Camera bill from the 130th General Assembly, requiring police to be present for the enforcement of red light camera violations, violates Article XVIII of the Ohio constitution and the municipal Home Rule provisions.

The majority ruling struck three provisions in the statute passed in December 2014. In its decision, the court found that the legislative language limiting municipalities' authorities did not meet the test for "general laws" of the state. The challenge was initiated by the city of Dayton.

As part of SB 342, the language challenged mandated police officers to be present at the location of red light cameras before citations could be issued, it restricted citations based on a driver's speed, and would have required cities and villages to pay for studies and awareness campaigns before installing monitoring systems.

Statement from Ohio Municipal League Concerning Ohio Supreme Court Red Light Camera Ruling Affirming Home Rule Provisions

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