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Ohio Municipal League Publications:

Municipal Government in Ohio (revised 2016) Now available in PDF form! OML's premier publication covers most of the basics of Ohio's municipalities. Topics include: Government Organization, Municipal Powers and Functions, Powers and Duties of Municipal Officers, Municipal Finance, Taxation and Debt, and lists for Legislative and Administrative Districts.

Municipal Charters in Ohio, a Sourcebook (revised 2015) Now available in PDF form! For communities interested in framing a charter or revisiting an existing charter. Topics include: Basic Home Rule Powers, Municipal Charters, Munual for Charter Commission Members, and Municipal Home Rule and Charters

City and Village Council Rules (on CD Rom) Sample council rules, some municipality names have been changed.

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Ohio Municipal League Brochures (in downloadable pdf form):

Ohio Municipal League Statement of Legislative Policy

Tips for Testifying Before the General Assembly



Links to State of Ohio Publications:

Ohio Auditor of State Publications

Ohio Attorney General Publications (includes the Sunshine Laws)