Ohio Municipal Clerks Association


The Ohio Municipal Clerks Association advances the municipal clerk profession through education, networking and member benefits, which establishes clerks as experts in their field and leaders in the communities they serve.


The Ohio Municipal Clerks Association (OMCA) serves to advance the Municipal Clerk profession through education, networking, and mentoring.  OMCA offers several memberships to fit the needs of village clerks, clerk/fiscal officers, and clerks of council.  If money is tight, our Associate Membership may be the answer.  Associate and Full members receive discounted training.  Although attending training is not mandatory, associate and full members receive discounted training.  In addition, all members have access to our email blast, which enables members to ask questions or receive feedback from clerks throughout the state.  The email blast feature has saved me valuable time over the years.   

OMCA provides a variety of exceptional educational opportunities including our Annual Institute, One-day Academies and Athenian Dialogues.  Through a coordinated relationship with Kent State University, all education and training sessions ensure our members are receiving the most up-to-date training for our complex and changing field.  We offer scholarships too!

Please visit our website (www.omca.us) for the latest news, outreach resources, our quarterly newsletter, training dates and locations or visit our Facebook page.  The website also contains a member’s only section that includes a Clerks manual, legislation library and the email tool that I mentioned above.

Our theme this year is, “A League of Our Own” and as President of OMCA, I hope that you consider joining OMCA and embrace everything this Association has to offer even to the smallest of villages to the largest of cities. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I am always glad to help.


Diane (Dee) C. Werbrich, President