What if I paid CompManagement already?

CareWorksComp will service your account at no cost. You will not be double charged. CareWorksComp considers this an investment in our relationship.

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1. Is this for an AC-3 solicitation, or an MCO solicitation?
2. I am unhappy with the how the notification was done for the change to CareWorksComp. Why wasn't the notification handled differently?
3. Do I pay CareWorksComp?
4. What if I paid CompManagement already?
5. CompManagement is saying OML does not have the wherewithal to file Group Rating or Group Retrospective Rating Programs because they have lost members?
6. CompManagement has told me they will file my organization in another Association (Ohio Assn of Public Treasurers, etc). Can they do that because I would like to be with them?
7. CompManagement tells me that if I do not sign an AC-2, hearings will be missed?